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Cyber Defenders Student Program

Cyber Defenders program is a 6- to 12-week paid internship that provides the opportunity for students of all levels to explore real, relevant issues in computer security, information protection, network operations, cyber policy, and so much more. Come join us as we shape the future of life online!

What is Cyber Defenders?

This unique student program allows the next generation of computer security professionals to hone their skills and gain vital experience. The demand for cybersecurity skills in the public and private sectors is stronger than ever, and the Cyber Defenders program at LLNL is helping to meet this urgent need by introducing students to the field and equipping them with the practical training they will need to be successful in cybersecurity-related roles. Whether Cyber Defender alums go on to careers at Lawrence Livermore, in industry, or at other government agencies, the program fosters a powerful learning environment.

What is Our Mission?

Our program aims to engage students in cybersecurity and STEM through real-world technical challenges. This internship ensures that students gain strong skills and connections, building a pipeline of skilled candidates for jobs at LLNL, at other national laboratories, and in government services. We want to give students the in-depth and hands-on training they might not get if enrolled in a standard computer science, engineering, or social science programs, preparing them to face the real-world challenges they will encounter in the cybersecurity workforce.

What Makes Us Unique?

Interns at LLNL learn by doing, working on real projects and learning about the full spectrum of cyber issues, including legal and policy topics. Interns also attend Lab-wide lectures and seminars, participate in individual and group exercises, and explore new technologies that can be applied to computer security. In addition to experiencing LLNL’s rigorous and fulfilling work environment, interns will also have the chance to socialize with peers from all over the country, to explore the beauty and fun of the San Francisco Bay area, and to make life-long connections with colleagues and friends. See the Internship section for more details.

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